Artist Management

Keep track of your artists details with the Artwork Manager Art Gallery Inventory Management Software. Store and manage everything related to your artists, including biographies, agreements, commissions, and returns.

Manage all your artists' contact information in the same database as your customers to streamline your business. Think of the Artwork Manager as a CRM built for the art world. Use the Artwork Manager to maintain mailing and shipping information along with notes and messages with your artists.


Artwork Inventory Management

Managed Artwork provides comprehensive art inventory management software for artists. From start to finish, the Artwork Manager accommodates the flow of artwork through your studio.


Drag and Drop images then add artwork details. Store as much information and as many images for a work of art as you like. Once artwork is in your database, inventory becomes easy to manage with powerful search options at your fingertips.

Contact Relationships

Using the Artwork Manager’s Contact Management tools, manage all your contacts information in the same database you use to manage the rest of your business. Think of it as a CRM built for the art world. Additional tools available include artist subscription management, bulk email and mailing labels to save you precious time.

Each contact record displays essential information at the top of the page, with detailed data appearing once you click on the various menus such as Billing, Marketing, Messages, Sales, Buyer Info, Notes, and more.


Sales and Invoices

Use the Point of Sale feature to create professional invoices for your clients. All sales transactions, whether processed by you or online, update the inventory and contact records throughout the system. Creating an invoice links all the important information together in a coherent way to simplify your daily routine.


Create invoices that include inventory, non-inventory items and/or services. Discounts and multiple payment options are easily accommodated. When an invoice is generated, an email notification is automatically sent to designated personnel, even email your client with a link to view the invoice online.

Consigned Out

Keep track of artwork consigned out to a third-party using these tools built specifically for artists. These tools will provide you with professional forms, displaying all the important information you need to give to your consignee.

Use the Consigned Out Agreement tool to choose your Consignee, select artwork, adjust discount offered on each artwork, indicate start/end dates of agreement, and add terms and additional details related to the agreement. Download the finished document that can be printed or emailed to your consignee



Various types of reports are available within the Artwork Manager. Choose from one of over twenty template reports or create your own using the intuitive Query Builder.


Export content anytime. Available exports include email list, mailing list, gross spent, invoices, artist, consignors, commissions, buyers and marketing information. Exports are available is .xls format.