Get even more from your Artwork Manager

From emerging artists to established galleries, the Artwork Manager’s website add-on gives you the tools you need to promote your business, reach collectors, and make sales.

Our websites are built for art businesses with intelligent features to stand out with art collectors. With streamlined integration to the Artwork Manager, edit your inventory, and your website is instantly updated. Need to highlight a new show or artist change the layout at the click of a button.

Tools such as E-commerce, Private Viewing, View on A Wall, and My Collection allow you to sell artwork online and connect with collectors anytime through your website.

Artwork Manager

Designer Templates

Choose from six designs with no setup fee and ready to go in minutes. Or need something custom? Get in touch, and we would be happy to create something just for you.

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Template 2
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Features Built

for the Art World

View on a Wall

Your collectors can preview your artwork in a sample room, helping to get a better idea of scale and even try out several frame and wall color options.

Artwork Inquires

Generate sales leads through website inquiries. Your visitor requests are saved directly into your Artwork Manager, building a list of potential collectors for you.

E-commerce Included

Our e-commerce solution is free and included with your website. All you need is a free Business PayPal account to process the payments. Put the power of your website to use and generate sales even when you are closed.

Private View Collections

Curate a private collection of artwork or a preview of an exhibit. Then share a sneak peek only with your top collectors before the going on view to the general public.

My Collection & Suggested Works

The My Collection and Suggested Works components give you powerful tools to engage with your collectors. View a visitor collection and suggest additional items.

Powerful SEO

Appearing high in internet searches is paramount for the success of any website. Artwork Manager websites come with a suite of SEO tools to help ensure you come out on top.


Add e-commerce for free to your Artwork Manager's integrated website. Let your website make sales for you twenty-four hours a day. Just connect your PayPal Business account then you are all set to generate sales even when your gallery is closed.

E-commerce transactions appear in your Artwork Manager, along with your in-person invoices, and automatically updates your inventory stock. The Artwork Manager notifies you each time a sale is made through your website, letting you know to package and ship your items. You can select all of your inventory to be available for e-commerce or pick and choose only select items.

Set e-Commerce terms within your Artwork Manager, including:

Tax Rate

Shipping Rates

Accept payment in credit and debit cards,PayPal, and Pay Later)

Your online terms of sale policy

Shipping policy

Private Viewing

Private Viewing Room

Create an exclusive experience for your collectors by creating a Private Viewing Room for them on your website. Mark the artwork private and associate it with an individual collector's contact record to allow them to view the collection privately through your website with a login and password.

Private Viewing allows both galleries and artists to present new artwork to special collectors. Often galleries will work with this tool to pre-sell a show or new collection. Artists use this tool to communicate availability with their galleries helping them to gather a body of work for delivery.

When you are finished using the artwork in the Private Viewing area, you can easily remove it from the private list and transition it into website content.